Make your Action Figures More Catchy & Glamorous by Custom Action Figure Boxes

Do you want a solution to make your action figures loveliness and catchy for your target customers? On this subject, you need to use an alluring and advanced packaging solution to make your brand name word-of-mouth. Nowadays, action figure brands provide tough competitors edge each other in the industry to make your brand name in the industry. Thus, custom action figure boxes are best for your brand growth and grab your customer's attention. Plus, this article explains the multiple ways how you can make your play object stand out in the industry to grab the customer's attention. 

Use of Cardboard-Made Action Figure Boxes

The first step is to make your custom action figure box with quality materials like cardboard, Kraft, and corrugated. Add to this; the use of quality stock for the fabrication of action figure boxes gives a swanky look to your toys and increases the worth of your product. Therefore, action figure suppliers offer multiple options like 12pt, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 22pt, and 24pt for your material, so you can choose the accurate thickness for your action figure boxes according to the weight of your product. 

However, the use of cardboard, Kraft, and box board material is strong, recyclable, affordable, and cost-effective. 

Bold and Vibrant Color to Make Action Figure Attention Seeking 

Now it's time to use appealing colors that ascend the beauty of your action figures and make them presentable. In this regard, bold colors and earthy tones make your action figure packaging amazing. Due to this, you need to use the enlisting shades as per your desired and paly objects. 

  • Ultimate gray 
  • Living Coral 
  • Pacific coast
  • Cherry tomato 
  • Rapture rose  
  • Dark olive green 
  • Saddle Brown 
  • Brown 
  • Sienna 
  • Rosy Brown
  • Maroon 
  • Oranges 
  • Yellow-green 

All these shades are awesome for making any product packaging, so you can easily use them to make your eye-popping action figures. And ask your supplier to provide the exact shade with CMYK and PMS color model for sublime action figure packaging. 

Use Robust Kraft Material for Backing Cards with Blister Covers

The next tip is to use blister card packaging of action because it takes less space and easily hangs in the action figure retailers. Moreover, you need such action figure packaging available in multiple options to serve your customers. And, blister cover packaging is best to pack small size action figures for customers. Add to this; such kind of packaging is also best for your 6-inch action figure display case to grab your audience's attention. However, the brand uses cardboard backing for blister packaging, but the use of Kraft-made backing is a nature-friendly option for your brand. Here are some awesome types of a blister, clamshell, and other alternatives to action figure packaging. 

  • Typical blister 
  • Full face seal blister 
  • Trapped blister 
  • Full card blister 
  • Clamshell 
  • Mock clamshell 
  • 2-piece clamshell 
  • Skin packaging 
  • Stretch Pak 

Add Handle on Action Figure Packaging Attractive and Easy To Carry


Action figure boxes with handles are appealing and sublime to make action figures. Also, handle action figure boxes are best to easy to carry, and kids easily buy them for their action figurines. Plus, you have the option to use quality cardboard, plastic, and hemp rope. And, handle boxes are best to pack multiple action figures in one packaging box. Similarly, the use of corrugated material is the perfect choice to make handle action figure boxes to easily hold the product weight. 

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Go for Functional Styles for Action Figure Boxes 

Use your single unique shapes and styles to make your single action figure display case with countless unique features for your action figure boxes. On this subject, use a five-panel hanger, window boxes, bookend boxes style, hexagonal boxes, and flip-top action figure boxes for your target customers. Also, you can use tuck-end, 1-2-3 auto bottom, and seal-end action figure boxes that are worthy and secure to pack your action figures. 

Application of Flat Illustration on Action Figure Packaging 

Using the flat illustration on your product packaging look enchanting to grab your customer's attention. The application of the coating, embossing, debossing, and foiling make your action figure box designs expensive options. Thus, you need to used apply flat illustration and mesmerizing artwork are cost-effective ways to make action figures' appearance unique and sublime for your target customers. 

The Major Outcomes of the Above Discussion 

The result of the discussion mentioned above is to explain the ways that make compatible custom action figure box. On this subject, you need to use quality material, bold and catchy colors, flat illustration, functional styles, add handles, and foiling to make your action figure boxes perfect. Now it's time to make your action figure boxes more enchanting for your target customers. 

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