Latest versions of tealight candle boxes

Why do you need to upgrade your tealight candle boxes?

Not difficult to answer as all and one are well aware of the fact that packaging is the way to entice the consumers. And when it comes to buying decorative and illuminating products, the decor of the product is the top priority of the consumers. So, to delight the customers with the product look, it is essential to wrap them inside the adorable packaging. A charming personality also has the power of good looks; similarly, a good product is judged by its good looks.

To endow the auspicious presentation to the tealight candles, you need fully customizable packaging solutions. But customization is nothing until or unless your artwork is trendy and up to mark. So, before creating an art piece for your tealight candle boxes, you need to know a few latest versions of the tealight candle packaging. 

2-piece rectangular tealight boxes

A 2-piece rectangular tealight carrier is an amazing way to display a set of tealight candles. If you want a box that is not only secure but also keeps the bulk candles presentable on the retail shelves. Due to their unique shape, these packages get more impressions on the retail shelves. On the other hand, if you want to add more value to your rectangular tealight candle boxes, then it is recommended to use custom printing options. Such options are available for the brands who want to make their identity shine like a cluster among similar product brands. 

Now you must think about what to add to the face of rectangular boxes. Here are a few details that you need to print.

  • The name of the brand in auspicious fonts.
  • Tagline or try symbols.
  • Do not overcrowd information; just add the logo.

However these things are enough for the candle brands but if there is any sort of text you want to share with your crowd, then go ahead; it's totally your call what to print on your tealight candle packaging. 

Square tealight box with 6 and 8 tray

Candle wax inside the metal molds and glass cups is assumed safe, but when it comes to packing the bulk quantity of the tealight candle products, it is really a delicate job. So, in order to make this herculean task easy, packaging creators introduce highly robust and amazingly designed packaging solutions in square shapes. 

Moreover, these boxes come with trays of 6 and 8 generally. However, the customization options allow you to use as many trays as you need. These trays separately keep the candles inside a single pack. So, for those brands who need to pack a set of 6 or 8 candles, this packaging is advisable for them. The color combination and design of the box add real value to the tealight candles that are placed inside the box. 

Tealight packaging with window panes

There is some sort of candles that look alluring due to their vivid colors and their own design. Such types of products need a presentation that keeps their display clear even from the house of boxes. So, to make them see-through, you need to put windows.

These are not glass windows but just similar to them. Packaging makers use transparent sheets mostly made from PVC material. And then, you need to cut the box with an amazing die-cut shape. Place the transparent sheet onto it. And now, your tealight candle boxes are ready to meet their users on the retail shelves. Try to add the unique shape of the die-cut to attract more audience. A few of the die-cut shapes that are available for the tealight candle packaging are:

  • The leaf shape is cut on the boxes.
  • Butterfly shape window.
  • Heart shape window pane.

And many more shapes are available, so you should opt for the one that grants a unique outlook to your packaging. 

Pyramid tealight boxes for candles

Just want to add the twist of designing via unique shapes, then the pyramid tealight boxes are the best solution for you. The triangular shape is not only unique but also protective for the set of 6 or 9 candles. The dividing trays are used to keep the tealight candles separate from one another. However, if you want to double the impact of your pyramid packaging, then you can add other design options, like the addition of a window on the pyramid box.

If the pyramid packaging is fabricated in two-piece dimensions, then you can also use the lid of the PVC sheet instead of adding the window on the box. So, you have limitless options when you go for custom tealight boxes wholesale. However, the wholesale option is also suitable for those who have a tight packaging budget as the bulk quantity orders are welcomed by the packaging makers with discounts. 

Kraft boxes with brown texture and amazing die-cut

White candles inside the earthy and natural brown boxes are amazing to make the viewers pleasing. And this is the reason this form of packaging is added to the tealight box collection. So, much natural, as well as eco-friendly packaging would just entice those who want to go green and contribute their share to cleaning the environment. So, in this way, your candle brand would also gain the customer's trust, and it would be beneficial for the growth of the brand. 

On the other hand, the Kraft packaging solutions are also available with custom designing and printing. It means you are not only using a blank brown box but a well-designed eco-friendly pack for wrapping up your candle product line. 

Last but not least

All the illustrated versions of custom tealight candle boxes just add the glory to your candle products. So, if you want the Mr. right for the looks of your tealight candle, then craft your design by using the custom options and add a sense of quality to your tealight candle packaging. 

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