Characteristics of Custom White Boxes That You Must Know

Tips: Make your custom white boxes to pack your prestigious items and make their presentation adorable. You can customize your white boxes as per your need. 

Want to pack your products that look classy and titillating? Then, using white boxes is the best option for your brand. With the passage of time, brands use vivid color packaging, but no one beats the white boxes; they still rule in the industry due to cost-effectiveness. Moreover, multiple benefits force brands to still use custom white boxes for your brand. Now it’s time to see the characteristics of white packaging boxes that you just need to know.  

Custom White Boxes- Make With Durable Material 

Similar to other packaging boxes, white boxes make durable and heavy-duty paper capable of bearing the weight of heavy products. Packaging suppliers offer cardboard, Kraft, corrugated, and bux board material to make white boxes for your brand improvement. You pick multiple thickness ranges to make your dreamy white packaging. For instance, you can 10pt to 28pt (60lb to 400lb) to create the white cardboard boxes according to your product need and budget. 

White Boxes Make Product Look Decent 

If you want to give a decent presentation to your product, then 1-pieces and 2-piece white boxes are the best options for your product. Custom white boxes look like a white gown that covers your product which customers are waiting to see. Most of the top-notch brands still use white packaging boxes with little printing options and details to present their items. 

White Boxes- Available In Multiple Sizes 

No matter the size of your products and whether you want to pack edibles, cosmetics, pharmaceutical items, and many more, wholesale white packaging boxes are best to pack your item. Also, these boxes are available in all standard and customized sizes according to your product demand. So, you can get mini, small, medium, large, and extra-large size white packaging boxes to pack your items nicely. 

White Boxes Are Foldable In Any Creative Shape and Styles

A simple cuboid custom white box was used to pack your item. But with innovation in packaging, people need novelty in these simple white boxes. Thus, packaging designs come up with countless customized options to make quirky white boxes. 

  • Flip-top boxes 
  • 2-pieces rigid boxes 
  • Pillow boxes 
  • Auto-lock boxes
  • Top flower closure boxes
  • gable shaped boxes 
  • tuck-top closure
  • Shoulder boxes
  • Hexagonal boxes 
  • Octagonal boxes 
  • Mailer boxes 
  • Sliding boxes and trays 

So, you can choose your needed style and shape from the packaging mentioned above boxes style. Also, if you like something more customized, you can go for it as per your need. 

Printable With Any Kind of Information 

Although white boxes are only white in nature, they allow you to print your content and information to make your product branded. People don’t like to buy local items with no brand name or logo for their recognition. Due to this, every product seller needs to print the logo and other details to ensure product authentication. Thus, white boxes with a logo are the best solution to offer recognition to your product and relate with your brand to gain customer satisfaction. 

Use of Add-on Make White Boxes Adorable 

The use of add-ons gives new life to your white gift boxes and makes them eye-popping for audiences. When you have a white canvas of packaging boxes and print any content on them with bold colors and metallic shades, it looks gorgeous and uplifts your product value. 


However, packaging brands offer many more add-ons like window cut-outs, embossing, debossing, UV coating, matte waxy coating, and aqueous coating on the box. Plus, the brand inserts personalized notes and hand-written notes to show gratitude for customers who choose them in the rivers of competitors to buy items. 

Final Opinions 

So, the above article explains the characteristics of custom white boxes for the brand and its customers. Such boxes are durable like other appealing custom packaging boxes. Add to this; that white boxes are available in versatile sizes, styles, and folding shapes. Plus, the white shipping box brand name also looks catchy to grab your customer’s attention. White boxes make your product debonair and sophisticated for your end-users. Hope all myths regarding white packaging boxes are finished after reading this article. 

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